Dry Cleaning
& Laundry Lockers

How It Works?


1. If this is your first time using the lockers. Text the word “Locker” to 775.206.0889. Make sure to save the v-card in your phone to place this and future orders.

01. DROP

Drop your order in any open locker. Lockers with blinking blue lights are occupied


Place an order, click the link in the v-card. Shut the door and lock it by pressing any 4 digits on the keypad followed by the # key. (e.g. 1234#)

Pick-ups are run daily from Monday – Friday. For a faster turn-around, place an order before 11.00am Monday – Thursday. This excludes wash & fold service, alterations, shoe repairs, and specialty items.

step 2
step 3


Once order is ready, we notify you via text and email with your new locker number with a 4 digit code to open it.

Don’t forget to press the # sign after the code.

Reasons To Love Laundry Lockers


We strive to provide outstanding quality while still being the most environmentally conscious dry cleaner in Reno.
SYSTEM K4 is SIMPLY the best and the only PLANT base dry cleaning system in use by only one dry cleaner in Northern Nevada.

If you’re already using a dry cleaner, we’d love to be your back up dry cleaner. Try us out!

Wash and Fold

Diligent Service

We check all pockets before washing.

Personalized Service

We never wash and dry your laundry with anyone else's.​

Extra Service

We separate the light and dark to make sure your clothes come out great.​

Happy Ending

We fold all your clothes neatly right after we take them off from the dryer, and yes, we really fold your socks and undergarments just like your mom said.​

It's Really That Easy!

Our Prices

Laundry Shirt               $2.85*
Blouses                         $6.50*
Blazers                          $8.00*
Ties                                $4.50*

Pants                             $8.00*

Skirts                             $7.00*
Shorts                           $7.00*
Jeans                             $8.00*

Household Items
Comforters                   Starting at $30.00*

Blankets                        Starting at $30.00*
Duvets                           Starting at $30.00*
Mattress Pads              Starting at $25.00*

Don’t see what you need to be cleaned? Contact us for a quote @ 775-206-0889, we’re always here for you.

These are just base prices, but we do charge a reasonable price for garments that require extraordinary care.

Because we simply care for you, always.

*Prices listed are subject to upcharges and/or change.

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